It is an impenetrable environment that perfectly mimics the biotope of a number of plant and / or animal species. It is a kind of aquarium that instead of water contains soil, sand or vegetation a few centimeters thick. The substrate is actually put on the bottom. This imitation biotope is suitable for snakes, tortures, iguanas and some exotic plants.

There are three types, namely desert for species that like a warm and dry environment, tropical for a warm and humid environment, and the aqua terrarium is better for water turtles. Several elements are indispensable to make it habitable so that the species which lodges there does not undergo a tragic death. These are brightness, humidity, soil temperature, and humidity and ventilation. In order to control these parameters, certain accessories are provided, including the lamps, the heat probe, the heating system, and the fogger.

Most of these habitats are made of glass. However, it is not uncommon to find plastic, wood or metal models. To ensure optimal ventilation, grilles can be used. When choosing materials, it is important to consider weight, cost, moisture resistance and the quality of the design or finish. You can use the Plant Terrarium Containers there.

#2021 - Hanging Glass terrarium for Plant #1051 - Round Globe Shaped Hollow Dome

What are the different possible uses?

A vivarium can be used for a plant or used as a habitat for animals. It is often used in the breeding of animals that cannot live freely in the house. These are dangerous animals such as reptiles, animals used to a completely different biotope or who are likely to flee. This is the recommended way to rear new pets. The reproduction of plant species under adequate conditions or the maintenance of plants originating from another biotope is carried out only in such a medium.

Often made of glass, it has hinged or sliding doors located on the front face. The goal is to approach your pet without stressing it. It vents front and rear for good air circulation. This habitat offers the best living conditions for plants and animals. Conditions that cannot be recreated at home. It is almost impossible to properly adjust the humidity and temperature required for each species adopted.

Which plants for a terrarium?

Some plants adapt better than others in the terrarium. All plants are not conceivable, we must target those who have the best chance of living well in this space. For using it, the Plant Terrarium Containers wholesale happens to be the best

To avoid cacti, and other succulents, which require a certain dryness that is difficult to obtain with a glass container. Indeed, in these jars, a certain humidity will prevail, which will be detrimental to the good development of these plants. ( )

#1056 - Plant Terrarium Containers

Naturally, it is quite possible to assemble some of these plants for the terrarium, to have a beautiful space, colorful and alive. These assemblies can take time to make a choice: we need to know what colors we want, as well as the plants that can live together without problems (depending on their roots for example).

What are the needs of a plant in a terrarium?

1# A jar – or a container – must first adapt to the needs of the plant that will be there.

2# It will need brightness; the jar must be transparent; and a space deep enough for his roots to be at ease.

These are the first needs of the plant, those that must be respected to buy the container.