As the name indicates, this glass comes with double wall, making it more elegant than the normal glass. The primary material of Double wall Beer glass is High Borosilicate Glass. It is easily washable, and it is handcrafted and mouth blown by the artisans. The Double wall Beer glass came into being when Italian design met German engineering.

As far as the packing EVERSHINE offered, it is Standard export packaging. 3-ply brown inner box, 5-ply brown outer carton.
Samples are free of charge in case of freight collect, 1-5 pieces.
If you need samples, then you can get them in less than 5 days!
100% handmade and mouth blown glass

#8009 - Double-wall Beer Glass #8009-1 - Double-wall Beer Glass

If you are looking for exceptional beauty with the flawless function then this wall beer glass is something you should be looking for!
Why you should buy Double-wall Beer Glass wholesale:

After comparing Double wall Beer glass to normal glass, here are the advantages you are going to get with Double wall beer glass over a normal glass:

• If you are serving cold drinks or beer in this astounding glass then your drink will remain cool for a longer period of time
• Double borosilicate glass has been used while constructing the glass with high quality
• It is also a heat resistant glass and can make the hot water remain hot for a long period of time, which is the key aspect of this glass
• Stronger than a normal glass
• You can maintain a constant temperature of the beer for a long period of time
• In order to give the glass a boost, we would like to tell you that this glass is dishwasher safe, Microwave safe and also is scratch resistant
• Of course, in terms of durability, this Double wall beer glass is much more durable when compared with a normal glass
• The icing on the cake is that this Double wall glass is superior in appearance, and the appearance suits the requirements of any
• It also will not become cloudy when you are using it again and again
• The advantage of double layer of glass is that it is not easy to crack

#8010-3 - Double-wall Beer Glass Evershine

Not convinced even yet?

You should be!

It is really amazing to try this double wall Beer glass, with which you can entertain your guests at parties, holidays, and on the weekends. Also, you can just use this stunning glass at home for an evening of ambiance!

#8010 - Double-wall Beer Glass Evershine #8010-1 - Double-wall Beer Glass Evershine